Randy De Guzman (event participant): Tennis for Nature was a great event! The organizers did a great job accommodating all the players, and at the same time giving out information about different environmental groups. I think that this is a great way to involve more people and increase the interest on environmental issues. Sports + Environment = healthier bodies in a healthier world.

Vernon James, Whole Foods Market: Whole Foods Market in Reston is proud to be a participant and sponsor in the first ‘Tennis For Nature’ tournament held in Herndon’s Worldgate Sport and Health Club. Our team members loved the chance to compete in the tournament and Whole Foods will always support the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas around the globe. Jorge Morera and the staff did an excellent job promoting and organizing this event which will no doubt continue to grow in the future.

Stephanie L. Pratzner (event volunteer): Tennis for Nature seems like a great way to promote conservation as a mainstream public concern. I hope these events can help us all think about protecting the environment a little more in our day-to-day lives — whether playing tennis, at work or elsewhere — because if we don’t treat conservation as the immediate concern it is, we will all end up sacrificing so many of our natural resources down the road.

Tara Lewis, Alaska Wilderness League: The concept of bringing sports and environment together is bound to benefit the environment and the athletes who promote green practices. All of these things can be tied into any sporting event. We really appreciate and look forward to participating. This event has taken big strides to bring the business, environmental and sports communities together.

Mike Jackson, SQN Communications Design, Inc: It’s a good platform for creating awareness. It’s a win-win situation and it’s also a tremendous opportunity to create a forum.

Mani Barajas-Alexander (event participant): I truly enjoyed the Tennis for Nature event because it was a great opportunity to combine two passions of mine, tennis and the environment. This unique mixture enabled participants and sponsors to experience an event that allowed them to have fun and help the environment all at the same time. I am looking forward to participating in future Tennis for Nature events.

Barbara Pratzner (event volunteer): It was such a pleasure to spend my very first tennis tournament volunteering for Tennis for Nature. The players, sponsors, and nonprofits made the whole weekend energizing and inspiring. From gasping over Sunday’s final upset match to chatting with the sponsors or learning about the work of the Defenders of Wildlife and the Alaska Wilderness League, the weekend provided a fun-packed introduction to the world of tennis. Here’s to the next Sports for Nature event.

Wil Creech (event participant): It is rare to find an activity that is healthy, fun, social, and beneficial. I think that the Tennis for Nature tournament provided that to its participants, spectators, and staff. The atmosphere was congenial and the competition great.I hope to be able to participate again.

Eron Sodie (event participant): Tennis for Nature was a true highlight in the local tennis scene and a gift to the Washington area tennis community. Great competition, a great field, great doubles and a great cause.